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Nutritional Training

If you’re training without proper nutrition, you’re only spinning one wheel of the bicycle. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, increase strength, improve endurance and performance, or simply to feel and/or look better, you now have access to the increased knowledge that will compliment your already outstanding training!

Support and coach to help live a healthy lifestyle


Be prepared to sweat! Bootcamp is a combination of strength training,cardio, core and functional movement.

  • Interval type training
  • You will learn proper form and technique
  • Improve health
  • Tone up and have fun

Interval training is great for all fitness levels from beginners to advanced.You can work out at your own pace!


Personal Training

Have you wanted to go to the gym but intimidated to go or you have went and not sure what to do? I can help you with some one on one training. I will help you set your fitness goals through cardio, strength training and stretching.

  • Learn proper techniques
  • Improve endurance
  • Improve health
  • Gain muscle and lose fat
  • Motivate
  • Reach your goals

Online Training

Have you went to the gym before but not really sure what to do or are you intimidated to go to the gym ? Personalized weight training and cardio to fit your lifestyle and goals, will provide email support as well.

  • Offering specialized, custom programs to help you meet your goals
  • Custom nutritional planning
  • Workout plan
  • Email support
  • Weekly tips
  • Email me at [email protected] to get started

About Me


“As a mom of 3 boys I know what it is like to be on the go all the time. Taking kids to their after school sports, running them to and from appointments or school. Life is busier than ever, but I have made goals and have made a commitment to me to take the time for myself to make my goals and dreams come true.”

I didn’t start working out until my second son was born I decided I needed to do something for myself so I joined kickboxing and fell in love with it and decided that for myself I needed to commit to going to kick boxing 2 times a week luckily.

After my third son was born I started trying more classes and again I was addicted I love how I feel after working out and i met a lot of awesome people.

I decided to get certified so I could teach classes and help inspire other mom and women. I am a certified group fitness instructor, personal trainer and nutrition coach.

“My mission is to help moms and women get in the best shape of their life and feel amazing. I am passionate about fitness, health and wellness. And I am ready to help you!”


Letting Go

Why can letting go be so hard to do?  I know I talked a little bit in my blog in May about a bit of my past but didn’t go into detail.  I need to go into a little  more detail just this one last time and then I am letting it […]


Stepping out of my comfort zone

Looking at me now you might never believe I used to be very shy, I worried what people thought of me, worried to talk about my goals and dreams because I was  scared, I was going to be laughed at or judged.


Hockey Mom 

I love being a hockey mom! My 3 boys all play hockey from Sept to March sometimes April and life is crazy. There are weeks we are going 7 days a weeks and 3 different directions on the weekends but I wouldn’t change it for anything.